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Seltzer Engineering Pvt Ltd/Services

EVIAN is an environmental services company offering a wide range of turnkey solutions customized for various applications. EVIAN has provided quality services to Industries and Municipalities and have over 350 successfully completed projects around the world. EVIAN has excellent domain experts to handle projects across various verticals. Our organization has expert structural engineers, process engineers, and electro-mechanical engineers with more than 20 years of experience across various industries. We provide long term economic solutions with quality as our main focus.

EVIAN provides wide variety of energy efficient Aerobic and Anaerobic solutions including solutions for Recycle and reuse of treated wastewater. EVIAN has the experience and expertise to deliver solutions for water treatment needs and rural water and waste solutions.

Industries EVIAN has provided solutions to in the past include oil and gas, food and beverage, textile, tannery, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, power, steel, distilleries, agricultural products, and chemicals.
EVIAN has provided solutions municipalities across the globe, including projects funded by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

EVIAN provides a complete range of services for water and wastewater, particularly for the treatment of complex effluents from process industries like refineries, distilleries, food and beverage, dairy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, yeast processing, textiles, and pulp & paper. We have the resources to deliver turnkey projects including design engineering, procurement, and construction. Some recent projects EVIAN is working on are as follows: Construction and O&M contract of Modular ETP of 4000 M3/Day capacity at Santhal, ONGC, Mehsana. This ETP is designed for separation of emulsified/ free oil from produced water by method of Induced Gas floatation followed by polishing treatment by Nutshell filter, leading to water quality for re-injection purpose. Project successfully commissioned under operation & maintenance by EVIAN, led for duration of 5 years. Modernization of ETP system comprising ETP & BTP and Ultra Filtration (UF) for ETP Modernization Project at Barauni Refinery This plant is designed for separation of emulsified/ free oil from effluent of 1400 m3/day by method of oil separator, TPI, DAF followed by biological treatment comprising of biotower, aeration tank, clarifier and low gravity filters for the biological treatment. 600m3/day treated effluent out of 1400 m3 is being treated further in Ultra Filtration plant which is used for general purpose in refinery like fire networks, gardening, etc. Renovation, Augmentation & Modification of Existing ETP, SAIL Bhilai Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), Bhilai, a steel plant under Steel Authority of India Limited is having an effluent treatment plant to treat effluent generated from its existing Coke Oven & bye product plant. The project includes the capacity augmentation from 200 m3/hr to 275 m3/hr, modification and revamping along with replacement of some of the equipment / items.

EVIAN has designed & installed several Wastewater Treatment Plants ranging from 0.5 MLD to 182 MLD capacities.
EVIAN has established largest STP in the Country with power generation plant (182 MLD STP for Delhi Jal Board). This plant has 3 nos. Bio Gas Generating engines of capacity 650 KVA. Nearly 1 MW of power is being generated successfully which is utilized in the plant itself. This plant was executed under high water table and loose sub soil conditions. The executed quantity of RCC was more than 36000 M3 and reinforcement steel was about 3300 MT alone at a single site.
EVIAN has executed BOT contract for execution of Wastewater Collection System and 9 MLD CETP for a Concession period of 30 years at IIE Haridwar for SIDCUL, Uttaranchal. Service Agreements with more than 250 companies have been executed till date.
EVIAN has successfully installed a prestigious project for Delhi Jal Board in establishing a 1 MGD Sewage Treatment Plant based on MBR Technology for Common Wealth Games village near Akshardham Temple. The treated water is being re-used in Chiller and as Flushing Water.
EVIAN has installed 95 MLD STP including Raw Sewage Pumping Station of 285 MLD capacity at Shah Alam Malaysia adopting Activated Sludge Process with Gas Generation facilities and consisting of screening, aerated grit removal system, primary clarifiers, anoxic tank, aeration tank with fine bubble diffused aeration system, secondary clarifiers, sludge thickeners, belt filter press, anaerobic sludge digesters, gas holder with floating gas dome, etc. The plant is working quite satisfactorily over the past several years and consistently achieving the desired results.
EVIAN has also executed various CETP’s for DSIDC at Narela, Badli, Mangolpuri & Mayapuri ranging from 2.4 MLD to 22.5 MLD Capacities. These plants incorporate physiochemical treatment, biological treatment, tertiary treatment with duel media filters & activated carbon filters, sludge thickening and mechanical sludge dewatering steps. Some of these plants incorporate only physio-chemical treatment and tertiary treatment steps with sludge dewatering. All these plants are working satisfactorily since commissioning.
EVIAN has recently commissioned an STP & sewerage scheme for JDA Jodhpur which consists of providing, laying, jointing, testing& commissioning of 200 mm to 1600 mm dia RCC pipe lateral, branch & main sewers in various parts of Jodhpur city including construction of manholes, property connections & restoration of roads. The total length of the pipeline is approx 94.51 Km. The project also consists of DBO of 50 MLD STP by ASP on Turnkey basis including 1600 mm dia RCC NP4 pipe treated sewage discharge line upto Jojri river for 2.4 km.
EVIAN has also executed the project for Design, Supply, Construction, Installation, Testing, Commissioning including O&M for a period of 3 years after successful commissioning of 50 MLD main sewerage pumping station & STP based on Activated Sludge Process with anaerobic digestion and power generation system complete on Turnkey basis at Sohna Road, Gurgaon.

EVIAN has the ability to provide a complete range of operation & maintenance services with highly trained professionals with backgrounds in many process units associated with water and wastewater treatment plants. This vertical division has a crucial role in regulating the performance of treatment plants. Our O&M team can provide training to the client’s operators who are taking care of operations on day to day basis. Due to on our long track record and experience in the field, our O&M team has acquired knowledge in troubleshooting various process units and addressing commonly encountered issues of running a plant, especially with respect to process chemistry, equipment maintenance, and engineering.
This division also spreads its responsibility towards process industries in which the upstream process can be optimized to better manage water throughout the facility.

Membrane Treatment

Pre-treatment is essential in any membrane treatment system, including MF, UF, and RO. EVIAN’s experience in designing and operating membrane based treatment systems has provided our O&M team with insight into the most commonly encountered operating issues related to these technologies. Our O&M team is trained in identifying the cause of membrane non-performance i.e. excessive fouling and scaling and can, with the help of our design center, recommend modifications in pre-treatment to address these operating issues.
Our O&M team also has experience in operating zero liquid discharge systems in which evaporation and crystallization of RO rejects is necessary to comply with environmental norms. Our O&M team realizes the critical nature of the evaporation and crystallization unit operation and is capable of troubleshooting common issues such as scaling and reduced heat transfer efficiency within the evaporation system. EVIAN has operation experience at HZL-Vizag, and KIADB-Bangalore, among other installations.


EVIAN Group’s business is organized into 3 verticals:
• Industrial, which focuses on providing water and wastewater solutions for industries in South Asia.
• Municipal, which focuses on providing water and wastewater solutions for municipalities in South Asia.
• Operation & Maintenance, which focuses on regulating the performance of treatment plants

• 107 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant based on Extended Aeration Technology at Thiruvananthapuram for KSUDP (Plant expected to be commissioned in March 2012).
• 74 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant based on SBR Technology at Indirapuram Ghaziabad for UP Jal Nigam.
• Sewerage Projects (Laying of Sewer line upto 1600mm dia including 2nos. pumping stations) at Allahabad for UP Jal Nigam.


Physico-Chemical and Primary Treatment
This is applicable to domestic and industrial sectors where, physico-chemical treatment is essential. This area will be controlled with optimized process chemistry and its application. This is not limited to any industry or domestic sector. This includes oil recovery and recycle of the wastewater. This has been under successful operations at ONGC Meshana, IOCL Panipat, BORL, and HPCL among other installations.
Anaerobic Treatment
Anaerobic biological treatment is normally provided and operated in industries that generate highly contaminated effluent. There are very specialized skills required to operate anaerobic digesters, which is a core skill of our O&M team. This technology has been recognized as an effective way to offset the cost of effluent treatment by generating renewable energy. Our O&M team is well trained to optimize and maximize the return on investment for these anaerobic treatment systems. These have been proven successfully at NICL-Bilari, IOCL-Panipat, and Bioenergia-Guatemala, among other installations.
Aerobic Treatment
Our O&M team has experience operating a variety of aerobic biological treatment systems, including technologies such as SBR, MBR, MBBR, ASP, etc. Knowledge of process chemistry with microbiology and biochemistry allows our team to successfully troubleshoot commonly encountered problems in each type of treatment system. Our O&M team also gives standard training to the client’s operating team, with an emphasis on preventive maintenance protocols to be followed during shock loads.