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Evian Engineering Pvt Ltd/Services
Evian Group offers a wide range of services starting from the initial stage of engineering and design to construction and installation. EVIAN understands that each client has different requirements and resources. To accommodate each of our clients, EVIAN has developed the ability to deliver projects in a number of different ways. EVIAN routinely performs feasibility studies as a part of the proposal process to clients that are investigating various options for treating water/wastewater. For clients that prefer the design-bid-build route of project delivery, EVIAN has the resources to perform either the design engineering or the construction of the project. For clients looking for a rapid execution with a single point of accountability for the complete project, EVIAN has the resources to deliver the project as a design-builder, complete with performance guarantees. For clients that do not have the resources to finance a project – or for those clients that do not want to assume the risk of performance of a project, EVIAN can arrange financing and deliver the project on a BOT basis. In short, EVIAN has the ability to the needs of a diverse set of clients.


Design is the essential creative process of engineering – different from science –which calls for imagination, application of technical expertise and experience, and skilful use of materials. It is the reflection of the project making it look brilliant, good or bad. Good engineering design involves many parameters upon which the success of the project depends, each of which has its own subset of laws, standards, practices, codes and regulations. Proper Design Engineering saves time as well as money involved in the project. Evian has the engineering resources to offer high quality engineering services to our clients who plan to execute projects on a design-bid-build (DBB) basis.

This mode of project delivery is particularly adopted by clients who prefer self execution of projects. Especially in units where already large amount of infrastructure installation taking place, would prefer just engineering and procurement part be served and would prefer to take up the Civil works part of the Treatment plant themselves. Though this is a common case with many upcoming mega projects there are many other conditions like in the case of international projects where a availing the necessary equipment for the civil works would be convenient for a local third party contractors etc; EVIAN has delivered many projects in which EVIAN was responsible for engineering and procurement – i.e. EVIAN was responsible for engineering, equipment procurement, and site supervisory services while the construction and erection of equipment was performed by the client or a third party. For those clients that have the resources available to self-perform the site work, this method of project delivery can be used to have EVIAN provide the value-added services of engineering (tapping into EVIAN’s know-how in water and effluent treatment) and procurement (taking advantage of EVIAN’s buying power with suppliers of water and wastewater equipment).

Design-build, which is the most prevalent form of project delivery for EVIAN’s projects, assigns complete responsibility for the design engineering, construction, installation, and commissioning to a single party. This form of project delivery has the advantage of lower cost and accelerated schedule, as design and construction activities can be scheduled to occur simultaneously – reducing construction time and site overheads.

This is the most preferred mode of project delivery for a client who acts a third party responsible for providing the service, which is a common case with govt. institutions. As this facilitates the client to avoid the necessity to generate financial investments required for installations of the plant. For clients that do not have the resources to finance a project or wish to pay for water and waste water treatment as a service, the option of having a third party build, own, and operate the treatment plant is an attractive option. EVIAN has a credible experience in BOOT projects globally, which include clients like Integrated Industrial Estate (IIE) Haridwar-SIDCUL India, Servicios Manufactureros, Guatemala, S.A; in which EVIAN has arranged for financing and subsequently designed, built and operated the projects. In the case of BOOT Project –Bioenergia Guatmala, the total cost of the project was US $3.75 million. For this project EVIAN joint ventured with E+Co and CAREC (Central American Renewable Energy and Cleaner production facility) to raise the projected investment for the Bioenergia Unit for S.A Distillery.

EVIAN has in-house operations and maintenance (O & M) resources for operating water and wastewater treatment systems and can offer this as a part of a complete design-build-operate package. EVIAN can also take over the O&M responsibilities of treatment systems built by others for those clients who wish to outsource this work. EVIAN has the institutional knowledge to rapidly address commonly encountered operational issues.

Our O&M service includes the following
•Plants commissioning and testing
•Supervision and Monitoring of plant performance
•Supply and Training of O&M manpower
•Non-Routine maintenance
•Analysis of samples at regular intervals to gauge the performance of the plant
•Computerized data logging on the performance of the plant
•Plant performance audit and troubleshooting
•Plant specific O&M procedure and manuals
•Procurement logistic and inventory control of spare parts and chemicals